Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

How do you stay warm in this super cold weather?

We've received this question a lot!  Believe it or not, we keep pretty snuggly.  Here's why:

First, small spaces warm up quickly.  We figure we have around 400 square feet.  That is easy to heat.

Two, our RV is specially designed for all four seasons.  Which works out pretty well if you live in Houston year round since there are only two seasons - summer and not summer.   But since our dream is to travel someday, we went for the big, super-duper, all season, be prepared, bonus insulation.  So far so good.

Three, RV's do come with heating implements.  We have a furnace that runs on propane.  It has a digital thermostat JUST LIKE A HOUSE!!!!

 I don't have to go outside and light it or anything.  However, one night in Tennessee we ran out of propane and Scot had to go outside about 2am and switch to the other propane tank.  I stayed in bed.  I'm a creature of comfort.

Four, here's the big deal:  we also have an electric fireplace.  It even has a remote.  Pretty fancy, huh??  It's ok for you to be jealous.

Here's the run down.

  • Our bedroom is actually the second warmest room in the house.  Which works out great for us.  We can snuggle under the comforter till the hot flashes force me to kick off the covers.  Then I don't freeze. 
  • The warmest room is actually the bathroom which is right above the furnace.  That is great because stepping out of the shower is pretty toasty warm. 
  • Madeline says her cupboard is warm too.  Maybe even too warm for her Mickey Mouse footsie jammies.  (She calls her room a cupboard, I call it a ROOM and then tell her that it is bigger than Harry Potter's and he turned out just  fine.)
  • The livingroom/diningroom/kitchen (an all-in-one combo) is the coldest room in the house until Scot gets up in the morning and turns on the fireplace.  Yes, we have a fireplace.  Some of you might call it a space heater, but it has real "flames" and is built-in like a fireplace.  Therefore, it IS a fireplace.
If I get really cold, I bundle up with lots of clothes.  We've been in 26 degree weather and we were snug as a bug in a rug with an excuse for a hot cup of cocoa.

The Wandering Wursters

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