Monday, November 17, 2014

Yummy pies

So, one of the questions that people have asked about my RV....

How do you cook?

Now this is a question I have never asked.  Normally, I ask what should I cook?  It seems to be the question I ask everyday.  WHAT SHOULD WE HAVE FOR DINNER?  It's "The Dinner Dilemna."  But, that's another blog.  I have never asked HOW I should I cook it.

Anyway, I know that was not really the question.  What these people are really asking is how can you cook?  Basically, they have no clue how today's RVs are equipped.

I have an oven.

It's small, but it cooks.  I've made a meatloaf and this pie:

(So, I am better at baking than judging, please.)

I also have a microwave.

It's small, but I will use it to heat up my lunch tomorrow.

Side note:  This gluten free pizza came from Papa Murphy's pizza.  I sure hope that Papa Murphy's hears about this blog and asks me to review their pizza BECAUSE  - IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side note #2:  I also baked this in the oven.  Well, technically, in all honesty....Scot baked it.  I was watching "Dancing With the Stars."  

The cooktop is just a cooktop, but my fab hubby made this delicious omelet on it.

(It's ok for you to be jealous.)

We also have a grill.  We could grill outside.  I have no pictures because it is dark and cold and basically.....I'm not going outside to shoot a bad photo.  Think steaks, big, fat and juicy steaks.

So, basically, in this RV, I can make anything that you can make in your kitchen.  Oh, I can even use a crock pot.  That's tomorrow night - soup.

On a final note, Scot thought this post should be about how many hot dogs we've had to eat in the past few weeks.  Hot dogs that were cooked over a fire that he started by rubbing two sticks together. Hmmm...some night that I don't want to cook....that might be an idea!

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