Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our First Road Trip

Well, we wandered.  We hit the road.  We mosied down I-10.  Scot is particularly impressed that we only went into one ditch (at the end of the driveway....we had gone 300 feet before we "ditched it."  I guess that is when it's good to have a "SUPER DUTY" truck.  Crisis averted.

Did I mention that while we "hooked up" it was misting/raining.  So, then we had to drive down the muddy 300 foot driveway.  If it was a comedy, we would've gotten stuck.  S-T-U-C-K.  If you've ever seen "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucy and Desi, - that kind of stuck.  If you haven't, you have truly missed out on a treat!

I took this picture for you.  This is the view out the back window.  Don't worry.  We have great mirrors that stick WAY out.  We can almost see all the way to the back.  :)

Then we got down the road.  We'd been gone maybe 20 minutes and Emily called.

Me:  Hello?
Em:  Um, I just wanted you to know that your trailer isn't there.
Me:  WHAT?
Em:  I think maybe your trailer was stolen.  It's gone.
Me:  We just left with it.
Em:  Ohhhhhh!  Good.

We had horrible traffic and it was raining all before we got our of Houston.  (Houston is really BIG).  Scot was really pleased with how the 5th wheel pulls.  It's much better than pulling a trailer (less sway) and better than a motorhome (less rattling).

We stopped and got "The BEST Burger" (according to the sign).   I think that if they claim it's the best, I should definitely try it.  You never know when they are telling the truth.  It was yummy and we didn't hit a ditch on the way out.  Bonus.

Finally, we reached our destination, Frog City RV Park.  I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that we are in Louisiana.  I haven't heard any frogs, but I can hear the interstate.  It's not quite the same.

This state makes me laugh.  I have seen the funniest signs in Louisiana.  I sure would like to hear the stories behind signs like this:

Tomorrow we move on to Mississippi to see our kiddos.  I'm sure it will be an adventure!

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