Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

How do you stay warm in this super cold weather?

We've received this question a lot!  Believe it or not, we keep pretty snuggly.  Here's why:

First, small spaces warm up quickly.  We figure we have around 400 square feet.  That is easy to heat.

Two, our RV is specially designed for all four seasons.  Which works out pretty well if you live in Houston year round since there are only two seasons - summer and not summer.   But since our dream is to travel someday, we went for the big, super-duper, all season, be prepared, bonus insulation.  So far so good.

Three, RV's do come with heating implements.  We have a furnace that runs on propane.  It has a digital thermostat JUST LIKE A HOUSE!!!!

 I don't have to go outside and light it or anything.  However, one night in Tennessee we ran out of propane and Scot had to go outside about 2am and switch to the other propane tank.  I stayed in bed.  I'm a creature of comfort.

Four, here's the big deal:  we also have an electric fireplace.  It even has a remote.  Pretty fancy, huh??  It's ok for you to be jealous.

Here's the run down.

  • Our bedroom is actually the second warmest room in the house.  Which works out great for us.  We can snuggle under the comforter till the hot flashes force me to kick off the covers.  Then I don't freeze. 
  • The warmest room is actually the bathroom which is right above the furnace.  That is great because stepping out of the shower is pretty toasty warm. 
  • Madeline says her cupboard is warm too.  Maybe even too warm for her Mickey Mouse footsie jammies.  (She calls her room a cupboard, I call it a ROOM and then tell her that it is bigger than Harry Potter's and he turned out just  fine.)
  • The livingroom/diningroom/kitchen (an all-in-one combo) is the coldest room in the house until Scot gets up in the morning and turns on the fireplace.  Yes, we have a fireplace.  Some of you might call it a space heater, but it has real "flames" and is built-in like a fireplace.  Therefore, it IS a fireplace.
If I get really cold, I bundle up with lots of clothes.  We've been in 26 degree weather and we were snug as a bug in a rug with an excuse for a hot cup of cocoa.

The Wandering Wursters

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our First Road Trip

Well, we wandered.  We hit the road.  We mosied down I-10.  Scot is particularly impressed that we only went into one ditch (at the end of the driveway....we had gone 300 feet before we "ditched it."  I guess that is when it's good to have a "SUPER DUTY" truck.  Crisis averted.

Did I mention that while we "hooked up" it was misting/raining.  So, then we had to drive down the muddy 300 foot driveway.  If it was a comedy, we would've gotten stuck.  S-T-U-C-K.  If you've ever seen "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucy and Desi, - that kind of stuck.  If you haven't, you have truly missed out on a treat!

I took this picture for you.  This is the view out the back window.  Don't worry.  We have great mirrors that stick WAY out.  We can almost see all the way to the back.  :)

Then we got down the road.  We'd been gone maybe 20 minutes and Emily called.

Me:  Hello?
Em:  Um, I just wanted you to know that your trailer isn't there.
Me:  WHAT?
Em:  I think maybe your trailer was stolen.  It's gone.
Me:  We just left with it.
Em:  Ohhhhhh!  Good.

We had horrible traffic and it was raining all before we got our of Houston.  (Houston is really BIG).  Scot was really pleased with how the 5th wheel pulls.  It's much better than pulling a trailer (less sway) and better than a motorhome (less rattling).

We stopped and got "The BEST Burger" (according to the sign).   I think that if they claim it's the best, I should definitely try it.  You never know when they are telling the truth.  It was yummy and we didn't hit a ditch on the way out.  Bonus.

Finally, we reached our destination, Frog City RV Park.  I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that we are in Louisiana.  I haven't heard any frogs, but I can hear the interstate.  It's not quite the same.

This state makes me laugh.  I have seen the funniest signs in Louisiana.  I sure would like to hear the stories behind signs like this:

Tomorrow we move on to Mississippi to see our kiddos.  I'm sure it will be an adventure!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Yummy pies

So, one of the questions that people have asked about my RV....

How do you cook?

Now this is a question I have never asked.  Normally, I ask what should I cook?  It seems to be the question I ask everyday.  WHAT SHOULD WE HAVE FOR DINNER?  It's "The Dinner Dilemna."  But, that's another blog.  I have never asked HOW I should I cook it.

Anyway, I know that was not really the question.  What these people are really asking is how can you cook?  Basically, they have no clue how today's RVs are equipped.

I have an oven.

It's small, but it cooks.  I've made a meatloaf and this pie:

(So, I am better at baking than judging, please.)

I also have a microwave.

It's small, but I will use it to heat up my lunch tomorrow.

Side note:  This gluten free pizza came from Papa Murphy's pizza.  I sure hope that Papa Murphy's hears about this blog and asks me to review their pizza BECAUSE  - IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side note #2:  I also baked this in the oven.  Well, technically, in all honesty....Scot baked it.  I was watching "Dancing With the Stars."  

The cooktop is just a cooktop, but my fab hubby made this delicious omelet on it.

(It's ok for you to be jealous.)

We also have a grill.  We could grill outside.  I have no pictures because it is dark and cold and basically.....I'm not going outside to shoot a bad photo.  Think steaks, big, fat and juicy steaks.

So, basically, in this RV, I can make anything that you can make in your kitchen.  Oh, I can even use a crock pot.  That's tomorrow night - soup.

On a final note, Scot thought this post should be about how many hot dogs we've had to eat in the past few weeks.  Hot dogs that were cooked over a fire that he started by rubbing two sticks together. Hmmm...some night that I don't want to cook....that might be an idea!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

No, we aren't crazy.

No, we aren't crazy.  Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say that WE don't think we are crazy. Some of you probably think we are stark raving mad, but guess what....we aren't.  We are just following a dream.

I am starting this new blog to debunk some myths, answer some questions, and hopefully entertain the masses (AKA the 25 people who read my blogs).

So, here is our life in a nutshell.

We sold our house after living in it for 16 years.  We said good bye to 3801 square feet containing 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 living areas, 2 dining areas, a kitchen, study, sunroom and workshop.  We said good bye to our LOVELY pool and backyard.  We said good bye to our 3 car garage.

We said hello to a 39 foot 5th wheel.  That's an RV that gets pulled by a truck.  So, we had to say hello to a new-to-us truck, too.  We now have 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living/dining/kitchen area.

We've gotten two reactions.  They are exact opposites.  Nobody really asks anything in between.

  • Are you REALLY living in an RV?  (said in the "have you lost your mind" tone of voice)
  • I am so jealous!  You are my hero.  (said in a tone that makes me think they're going to ask for my autograph)

Then they ask questions like:

  • How do you cook?
  • Where are you parked?
  • How are you faring in these cold temperatures?
  • What did you do with all your stuff?
  • What are you doing for ice?
  • Did you ask your children about this?
  • When are you taking off in this RV?
  • Do you drive it?
  • How long are you going to stay in it?
  • What did you do with all your stuff?
  • Don't you miss your house?
  • Don't you miss your pool?
  • What about your kids?  Where will they sleep?
  • What did you do with all your stuff?
  • How do you watch tv?
  • How big is it?
  • What will Scot vacuum?
So, I will attempt to answer these questions in the future.  Today, I will answer the one that I feel is the most important.

Yes, we asked our children.  We even asked our parents.  And other than the fact that my parents really don't want us to move away or leave, they are all supportive.

We spend hours and hours searching for an RV that would still give Madeline a place to "come home" and Michael and Mysie still have a place to come visit.  We finally found one that was currently being built and would be ready one week before our house closed.  Perfect timing.  :)

This was not a decision made in haste.  We did lots of research, lots of planning, lots of praying and over and over we found confirmation in our desire to eventually hit the road.

Right now, we are enjoying the "no mortgage, no utilities" lifestyle and plan to sock away some money so that we can eventually travel.  I think that we will eventually go back to a house.  We have put the money from our house away so that it is there when we want to settle down.

So, we invite you to wander this road with us.  For the next few months, we will let you in on all our RV secrets, dish out the good and the bad of RV living, answer your questions, and hopefully peak your interest.  Someday, maybe we can all travel together!!!!

Let us know what you want to know.  Ask your questions in the comment section and I will answer them.