Saturday, August 29, 2015

The RV Life for a Dog

We are living the dream, so our Chippy dog is too.  His favorite thing is to sit here in this chair looking out the window hoping that some squirrel will come by and he can bark them to death.

Most of the time Chippy the 6 pound miniature curly haired Rottweiler (aka Toy Poodle) has free run of the house, but there are times when he needs to be crated.  Sometimes it is for his protection.  Once I ran a quick errand and came back and he had hopped onto the kitchen counter (he used the couch as a ladder) and ate a plate of almond pancakes.  Six pound dogs don't need to eat five almond pancakes.  So, I typically put him in the crate to avoid potentially vomitous situations.

Sometimes, it is for our neighbor's protection.  He barks less when he is crated. So if we are parked in an RV park where others could hear him barking, into the crate he goes.  

He has been crated since he was little bitty and it is his safe place.  
If he isn't feeling well, he voluntarily goes to the crate.  
If he's feeling guilty, he goes to the crate.  
If he needs a timeout, he is sent to the crate.  
Sometimes he even hides food in the crate for a later snack (that's where we found the rest of the almond pancakes).

Ray at has this to say about crating your dog.

Many times the dogs will have to stay behind in the rig. Sometimes it’s because we are going shopping and they can’t be left in a sunny truck or it’s a hike in National park and no dogs are allowed. We have found the best way to do it is to leave them inside their kennels in the rig. This really made sense after the carpet eating incident. If they are in the kennels they feel secure, won’t be trying to see out the windows causing stress or if they fall an injury, and most important with beagles…. won’t eat stuff. When leaving the less fuss the better soon they will know the drill and if properly exercised will likely curl up and sleep till you return.

Now, when we lived in a 3801 sq ft house, there were plenty of places to keep a crate.  After all, that 1 extra square foot over 3800 came in handy!  BUT, in a RV, space is limited.  In fact, if there is unused space then the RV designer did not do their job (another post for another day....finding all the hidey-holes in an RV).  So, where would I put the crate?  We had to have that safe, timeout, bark-less crate and I really didn't want to trip over it in the middle of the night.

So, I found a hidey-hole.  Since there are only 2 of us living here, I took one of the chairs and put it in the basement (Yes, RVs have basements - another post on another day) and put the crate in its place!  (I'm especially proud of this discovery/idea).

If you are looking for a hidey-hole in your home, I recommend purchasing the Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate.  It has a door on the side and the end, perfect for odd spaces.  You can click here for the link to this crate.  

If you need help finding that hidey-hole, I am available for consultations.

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