Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pitter Patter

If you have never slept in an RV during a gentle rain, you are missing out on one of lives greatest pleasures.  Best.sleep.ever!!!!

For real, you seriously need to put this on your bucket list.  You will wake refreshed and well rested.

In fact, I might be willing to trade with you.  You can sleep in my RV on a rainy afternoon if I can nap on a floaty in your pool on a sunny day.


I wonder if I could record the sound and load it to iTunes and make money?  After all, someone videoed their fireplace and put it on Netflix and people really watch it when they don't have a fireplace and want the ambience of one.  I'm gonna try it!  I'll keep you posted since inquiring minds (like you) want to know.

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